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Glacial Energy, Electricity & Natural Gas Choice

Glacial Energy is an alternative electricity and natural gas provider for business, commercial and industrial customers. Glacial energy offers month to month no contract electric and natural gas rates that save customers 10-30% off of the local monopoly pricing.

Glacial Energy strives to deliver the best combination of customer service and price to businesses for their energy needs.

Glacial Energy Gives You the Power to Choose
Business energy customers have the ability to choose their energy supplier. The delivery & maintenance continue to be the responsibility of the localdelivery company(LDC), which means you still call the LDC for outages & customer service questions.
Glacial Energy offers:

  • Up to 20% Savings
  • Easy Enrollment
  • No Hidden Fees, No Maintenance Fees
  • No Service Interuption

Glacial Competitive Advantage

  • Generator Neutral
  • Low Overhead
  • Commercial Energy is 100% Focus
Call Today to Start Saving on your Energy Costs!

Glacial Electricity Choice Service States:

Electricity Markets Electricity Markets (79 KB)

Glacial Natural Gas Choice Service States:

Glacial Natural Gas Markets Glacial Natural Gas Markets (73 KB)

You have the power
to contain energy costs

Businesses save on average 10-30% off their energy costs

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