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About us

Energy-Tel, LLC is located at:

113 N Robinson St.

Richmond Va 23220

We offer 50 years experience in utility consulting and currently work with over 40 power and natural gas companies to be able to offer clients the best energy solution.

We maximize a tailored savings program for our customers using our expertise in the marketplace and help commercial, industrial, single or multi-location companies of all sizes. You have the opportunity to aggregate multiple locations together to get better pricing. Even after the transaction, we continue to provide services such as billing resolution. 

Call us and you’ll speak to a real, live human being in our U.S. office.

We shop the energy providers. You save.

We simplify and provide expertise in an otherwise complex deregulated energy marketplace. Then we offer small and medium sized businesses the best possible package based on your business objectives.

Savings are significant-- as much as 10-30%. That frees up significant funds, which translates to better cash flow.

Who pays us?

The energy companies compensate us so you don’t have to. Put quite simply, we are expert broker consultants that work with over 40 national energy companies who have to compete for your business to win it. They know we know the market, so you benefit from our considerable bargaining leverage. Simply put, you win!

Hassle free evaluations of your current and projected energy needs

There is no cost for you to contact us for an energy evaluation. We’ll give you recommendations based on your consumption volume and flexibility as well as price risk tolerance. The choice of savings strategies is yours and we’re happy to offer advice when you need it.

Transitioning to a new energy provider is easier than you think

Your transition to a new service provider is surprisingly convenient and hassle free. Should you have questions or need advice, our professional associates are happy to assist you at any time. It’s free to contact us just to see how much you can save.

You have the power
to contain energy costs

Businesses save on average 10-30% off their energy costs

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