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Energy-Tel, LLC - Energy Update September 26 2013

- Friday, September 27, 2013

The Henry Hub spot pricing closed this week (Wednesday, September 25) at $3.52 per MMBtu down 19 cents from last week’s $3.71 per MMBtu (Wednesday, September 18). The NYMEX near month (October 2013) price fell from $3.713 MMBtu (Wednesday, September 18) to $3.493 MMBtu this Wednesday.


According to BENTEK Energy LLC estimates there was a decrease in total consumption in all sectors this week of 5.6%. Consumption in the Residential/Commercial sector increased 2.7% and Industrial increased 1.0%.  With weather moderating, air conditioning loads have dropped off.  Consumption in the Power sector dropped.


According to EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report working natural gas in storage increased to 3,386 Bcf on Friday, September 20.  Stocks were down 5.0% from last year at the same time and 0.9% above the 5 year average.


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Tony Gattuso



**This analysis contained herein is based upon information Energy-Tel, LLC reasonably believes to be accurate.  However, they do not guarantee the accuracy of the analysis.**


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