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Questions about Energy-Tel

Why should I consider switching to Energy-Tel?

By participating in a constantly growing deregulated energy market, your business can gain a distinct advantage over the competition. If you are paying 20% less for your energy utilities, you can allocate funds to areas other than Energy.

Energy-Tel can help you understand and negotiate in this complex new energy market and provide you with energy at far lower costs than what you are currently paying. No contracts, no costs to switch, paperless billing, and great rates. Most businesses save 10-30%.

Will I still be a customer of my utility?

Yes - the only difference is that you will also be saving money as a retail customer of Energy-Tel. Your local utility owns the actual power lines that carry electricity to your business or institution, and they will continue to bill you "for the delivery" of electricity, at rates governed by the state. The actual electricity will be supplied by Energy-Tel providers. We’re not done after the sale because we constantly shop for the best wholesale prices to keep your costs down.

What if the power goes out?

If you lose power, or if you have an emergency related to your power, you must still notify your utility. Utilities are required to respond with equal attention to all of their customers.  They do not and cannot discriminate against customers who use Energy-Tel.

Who is responsible for safety and reliability of power delivery?

The delivery system is still the responsibility of the utility, and, as such, so is its safety and reliability. The utility will maintain the lines and repair them if there is an outage or storm, and the regulatory body overseeing utilities in your state will help to ensure that the utility continues to provide a safe, reliable delivery system for your use.

Will I notice any changes to my service?

When you make the switch to an Energy-Tel provider, your electrical or natural gas service will continue uninterrupted. The only change will be a separate bill from the new Energy-Tel provider for your new low-cost electricity supply. Although you will continue to receive a utility bill, the amount will reflect only the charge for basic power transmission over the utility's infrastructure.

What if I have a question about my bill?

For questions regarding your bills for electricity (such as your cost per kWh/Therm), contact Energy-Tel (1-800-708-3086) and our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.  For questions regarding the delivery of your service (such as outages, meter checks, etc.), please contact your local utility.

Do I have to tell my current Retail Electric or Natural Gas Provider that I’m switching providers?

No.  You do not need to contact your current Retail Electric or Natural Gas Provider. Once you make the decision to switch to Energy-Tel we handle everything for you to provide a seamless transition.

When selecting someone to work with in the competitive electricity market, the following are factors to consider:

Fees for service
It is simply good business to ask about fees when purchasing any product. The same rule applies to purchasing electricity in the competitive supply marketplace. Energy-Tel has no switching fees, minimum usage fees, termination fees, unused capacity fees, or any other fees what so ever.

Contract terms and size of accounts
The terms of a contract should be given careful consideration, as they may differ greatly among suppliers and brokers. Some may offer fixed price contracts for multiple years, which usually carry much higher per kWh pricing as they must hedge against unforeseen market fluctuations, build in future commissions, and an array of costs associated with fixed rate pricing. Ask if you are required to stay with the supplier for a period of time or be subject to an early termination fee.

Energy-Tel has 1-5 year contracts and offers month-to-month agreements, which insures that we are constantly searching the energy marketplace for the most economical electricity and natural gas rates available and prefer to pass the savings along to our customers.

After-sales services
Find out what services will be provided by the broker or competitive supplier after the sales transaction is completed. Being well informed about your electricity usage is also important to effective electricity management. Determine the process for resolving a billing issue and ask the size of the supporting staff. Find out if there will be a live person you can speak with should you have any questions or concerns.

Our primary focus at Energy-Tel is our service to our customers after the sale. We are confident that our clients will be taken care of by our capable customer care associates, should an issue arise.

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