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How can I shop for lower energy prices?

All of our Nationwide Energy Services are designed to help companies reduce their energy costs. Today, you can get your natural gas, electric utilities, alternative energy, and other power utilities at the most cost effective and affordable rates. 

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Energy-Tel delivers the best rates available in your specific location and locks you into the lowest rate for whatever length of time you request. You may also choose a variable index rate with a fixed base rate and a portion that changes with the market prices. The proportion of fixed rate and market rate are totally up to your tolerance for market price fluctuation.

Businesses with multiple sites benefit with lower prices and terms.

Our secret is our expertise in leveraging competition in the deregulated power supply market, so you get the best possible rates.

Delivering the best energy solutions for your business includes:

  1. Fill out the form or call toll free 1-800-708-3086
  2. If you’ve contacted us via the form, we call you to discuss your needs and tell you what information we need to find the right packages for your business.
  3. You receive a personal phone consultation to understand the current and projected energy needs of your business.
  4. A specific request is prepared and sent to the top energy companies servicing your region.
  5. We analyze each bid and deliver a Comparative Savings Analysis to you.
  6. The Analysis includes recommendations for suppliers that offer the best in price, service, and energy solutions for your business.
  7. We negotiate the formal contract from the winning bidder, on your behalf. Energy-Tel seeks to acquire only the best terms and conditions possible in the marketplace (You execute the contract while we provide guidance).
  8. You are provided a procurement strategy for each location.
  9. Your energy rates are managed diligently on an on-going basis. We will also be proactive in renegotiating your rates if the opportunity presents itself.
  10. We are here for you after the sale to offer a thorough review of utility invoices for accuracy.

You have the power
to contain energy costs

Businesses save on average 10-30% off their energy costs

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