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New York Energy Choice

New York Electricity Deregulation

New York has been deregulated since 1998.  Electricity is now split
into two portions.  These portions are delivery and supply.  Customers now
have the option to choose an alternative energy supplier for their supply of
electricity.  Customers who choose to use an alternative energy supplier are
able to reduce their rates and save anywhere from 10-30%. Residential and
commercial customers of all sizes are offered this option.  Commercial
customers have the ability to choose fixed, variable or partial load
options, thus helping them to budget.

New York Natural Gas Deregulation

New York allows its customers to choose their natural gas supplier too.
Customers who choose this option also have the opportunity to reduce their
bills by 10-30%.  If customers choose not to shop around, they will still
receive service through their Local Delivery Utility. Residential and
commercial customers are eligible to choose an alternative supplier.
New York has been deregulated for electricity and natural gas since the late 1990's. Small & Medium size businesses, large commercial, industrial and residential customers have energy choice throughout the state of New York.

New York Utility Service Areas:

Orange & Rockland Utilities (O & R)
National Grid BUG
National Grid LI
Central Hudson
National Fuel
Natl Grid NIMO
Rochester Gas & Electric ( RG&E )
Central Hudson Gas & Electric (CENHUD )
Con Edison ( ConEd )
Niagara Mohawk ( NIMO )
Keyspan ( New York)
Long Island Power Authority
New York State Electric & Gas ( NYSEG)

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