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States offering Deregulated Electricity and Natural Gas

Is your state eligible for deregulated natural gas or electricity? See the chart below.

State Natural Gas Electricity
Alabama Yes No
Arizona Yes No
Arkansas Yes No
California Yes Yes
Colorado Yes No
Connecticut Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes
District of Columbia Yes Yes
Florida Yes No
Georgia Yes No
Idaho Yes No
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana Yes No
Iowa Yes No
Kansas Yes No
Kentucky Yes No
Louisana Yes No
Maine Yes Yes
Maryland Yes Yes
Massachusetts Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes
Mississippi Yes No
Missouri Yes
Montana Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes No
Nevada Yes No
New Hampshire Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes No
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina Yes No
North Dakota Yes No
Ohio Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes No
Oregon Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes
Rhode Island Yes Yes
South Carolina Yes No
South Dakota Yes No
Tennessee Yes No
Texas Yes Yes
Utah Yes No
Vermont No No
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington Yes Yes
West Virginia Yes No
Wisconson Yes No
Wyoming Yes No

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