You have the power
to contain energy costs

    Businesses save on average 10-30% off their energy costs


    A deregulated energy market means energy companies compete for your business, which translates to lower energy costs for your business. We match you with the best business energy solution in terms of cost and usage. Contact us so you can get the lowest electricity prices available for your business.


    Natural Gas

    In addition to lowering your electricity costs, deregulation reduces the cost of Natural Gas as much as 10-30%. We’ve cut to the chase with easy-to-understand fixed priced or index priced strategies for your business. Contact us to receive your free natural gas savings analysis.


    Green Energy

    Are you an environmentally responsible organization trying to reduce carbon emissions? Comparison shop with Energy-Tel for the lowest rates available in green energy. Contact us if you are interested in powering your business with green energy for the same cost as fossil fuels.

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